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What clients say

"One of the results of the project it that people have become used to solving problems in groups. It is now easy to call a group of people and ask them to solve a problem. People who were not able to lead a group to find a solution are now able to do so."

"The greatest benefit for me is that now I can go home in the evening knowing that everything will work without me. Before I used to go home at eight in the evening. Now I can leave at five. Before I used to take work home on Friday now my weekends are free."

"The Team Leaders of the performance improvement project have become "change agents" for other company changes."

"The idea has spread inside the company that everyone can be consulted to solve problems."

"One of the many benefits of the project is that when someone is away, there is someone else who can stand in."

"This approach makes people grow. Everyone benefits."

"Involving people in the analysis of company problems and in finding solutions facilitates the acceptance of the necessary changes"

"We have seen many consultants but you are the only ones who produced results"

"Now each function has a clear idea of what they need to do."

"We work better. The decisions are shared and everyone shares the same ultimate goal"

"During the course of my long career within this company I have seen many consultants come and go. They all had the same approach: they introduced themselves, conducted interviews, analyzed the situation, proposed solutions to the Board and then walked away. So when we started this project I said to myself "OK, here we go again" I was wrong! For the first time, we, who have hands-on experience of what works and what doesn't work in the company, were asked to propose new approaches to our work. Our proposals may not be the best, but they are ours, not something imposed on us by a mad scientist or by top management who is not in touch with the day to day operational problems of the company."


The Essential Ingredient Consultancy 2002