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Our Approach


Neither our lengthy experience nor our tested methodologies alone can guarantee these results. The key to achieving extraordinary results is the commitment you bring to the table. Your commitment in terms of time and resources combined with an awareness that the implementation of the innovations/changes needed to achieve the desired results requires authority that only top management, not consultants, can provide.

Why do we insist on your commitment? Because we can contribute experience and methodologies but your authority is needed to implement the changes.

Fifteen years' consulting experience in Europe and the USA has convinced us that it is the only way to achieve concrete and lasting results.

We have witnessed remarkable growth in both employee involvement and leadership skills using this approach. For this reason all our major projects start with a management workshop aimed at defining management's strategic role in the project.

Together we can truly transform the way you work, in terms of innovative solutions and approaches, to take you to new levels of competitiveness.


The Essential Ingredient Consultancy 2002